Thursday, October 22, 2009

Swine Flu & The Tale of the 3 Doctors

Joseph Moshe Westwood Standoff

This is old news, dating back to Oct. 13 2009, when Dr. Joseph Moshe was arrested. A SWAT team showed up on his doorstep the morning after he called into the Dr. True Ott show on Republic Radio, asking who to contact regarding information that he had on the Swine Flu vaccine. Dr. Moshe hopped in his bug and ran for it, but was caught while being pursued by Police cars, helicopters, and government vehicles. Dr. Bill Deagle on Camelot Radio has done an excellent report on this. It begins after the break at 2:40 in the video below.

Where is he now? The last I've heard is from....Godlike Productions

"He is being held at the twin towers correctional facility and his next court date is 9/29/09 and this is is a rescheduled date it was originally 9/14/09 in LAX LA MUN COURT 142, doesn't sound like federal charges to me."

"The new date has him appearing at LAX SUPERIOR COURT Dept. D 8:30AM, again... this is more like a district court, for charges like drug possession or DUI... not anything the FBI would come up for you to"

Hat tip to Camelot Radio, Godlike Productions & the three Dr's

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