Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hillary in Russia ~ Pootie in China

Russian Minister Rejects Iran Sanctions

NY Times

Published: October 13, 2009

MOSCOW — Threatening Iran with harsh new sanctions to advance negotiations over its nuclear program would be “counterproductive,” Russia’s foreign minister said Tuesday, throwing cold water on the Obama administration’s hopes that Russia had been persuaded to cooperate with its effort to intensify the global pressure on Tehran.

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton met with her Russian counterpart, Sergei Lavrov, in Moscow on Tuesday.
The minister, Sergey V. Lavrov, said after meeting with Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton here that diplomacy should be given a chance to work, particularly after a meeting in Geneva this month in which the Iranian government said it would allow United Nations inspectors to visit a clandestine nuclear enrichment facility near the holy city of Qum.

“At the current stage, all forces should be thrown at supporting the negotiating process,” he said. “Threats, sanctions, and threats of pressure in the current situation, we are convinced, would be counterproductive.”

Meanwhile in China

Putin visits China: $5.5 bln in deals expected

Russia Times

13 October, 2009

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin is leading a high-powered delegation to China which is sealing deals worth more than $5 billion in energy, infrastructure and telecoms.

Propeller The delegation comprises more than one hundred senior Russian business leaders. They are hoping to win a bigger slice of one of the world’s largest markets.

Putin was greeted by his Chinese counterpart Wen Jiabao on his arrival, with two way trade and energy agreements worth $3.5 billion already signed.

During his visit he is also scheduled to meet with China’s President Hu Jintao, and take part in a meeting of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) on Wednesday.

Gazprom CEO, Aleksey Miller, has announced on Tuesday that China and Russia have agreed on ramping up gas supplies to the booming Asian economic powerhouse.

Russia is looking to expand machinery exports to China, but also to increase yuan-ruble trade, which soared to 58 billion dollars in 2008 from just over 9 billion in 2002. So, it’s obvious the growth of trade between the two countries is tremendous.

This comes following recent rumors that Gulf states are going to try to dump the dollar, perhaps with Russia and China joining in, as the currency used for oil transactions.


  1. Here's some useful info on this very subject Geez; http://www.engdahl.oilgeopolitics.net/1973_Oil_Shock/Greenback_Collapse/greenback_collapse.html

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  2. Yep,careful planning by the NWO speeds up the process of inflation without representation.

    I like the opinion of the ex Saudi oil minister Sheikh Ahmed Zaki Yamani: "The Stone Age did not come to an end because we had a lack of stones, and the oil age will not come to an end because we have a lack of oil."

    When I was working on a topography survey in Saudi Arabia "wadi Sahabi, near Dharan" for an agricultural project in 1965, I got to see some of the capped pipes sticking out of the ground. Thats back when ARAMCO was splitting the profits with the royalty. We were told that there were a lot of them, and every one of them was a gusher.


    In 1973, the Saudi Arabian government acquired a 25% share of Aramco, increased the share to 60% by 1974, and finally acquired full control of Aramco by 1980. In November 1988, the company changed its name from Arabian American Oil Company to Saudi Arabian Oil Company (or Saudi Aramco).

    Do I believe that the $audi's own 100%?...G:



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