Sunday, October 04, 2009

APF spokesperson Becky Shay expresses concerns for her own safety

APF spokesperson holds emotional press conference; lawyer quits project

Billings Gazette

TOM LUTEY Of The Gazette Staff October 2, 2009 7:40 pm

A sobbing spokeswoman for the secretive company occupying the Hardin jail welcomed an investigation by Montana's attorney general Friday and expressed concerns for her own safety amid rumors about her company.

Becky Shay, in a 45-minute, wide-ranging press conference during which she occasionally broke into tears, said the California-based American Police Force welcomed an information request made Thursday by Montana Attorney General Steve Bullock.

Meanwhile, an attorney involved in the project cut ties with APF Friday and a second company, once named as a subcontractor, denied any involvement.

Shay said she hadn't been formally served papers by the attorney general, who said he is concerned that APF might be violating the Montana Unfair Trade Practices and Consumer Protection Act. APF has reached a multimillion-dollar agreement with Hardin's economic development arm, Two Rivers Authority, to run the empty Hardin jail, built two years ago to house inmates under contract. She said she had read of Bullock's request in the news media.

Shay mentioned the attorney general's request almost as a two-minute side note in a press conference that revealed that the former Billings Gazette reporter and new face of APF fears for her safety.

"A lot of work I've done has been to calm down or at least try to counteract comments from people I consider to be fear mongers," Shay said. "What has happened in the interim, however, is those people's friends around the nation have been in contact with me or tried to access me. I realize I'm being pretty vague so that we don't support or incite these people. I don't want my words to be taken out of context to further inflame the tensions that I'm working under."

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More Legal Issues for APF:

...zzzZZZ*...Hmmm, wag the dog? One would think that if the APF is an illegitimate front that the FBI, would be on it like flies on a cow patty. If the AFP is a legit front the sheeple in Montana have been decieved by the shadow government, who is hoping all this buzz on the innertubes will quietly go away...


  1. Hell, the FBI is part of the Shadow Government Geez!

    And why is this woman so afraid, ain't AFP got enough mercs to protect her?

    Must be not enough to protect turn-coats mebbe?

  2. "Hell, the FBI is part of the Shadow Government Geez!"

    Butbutbut, imeanuhh, Baaaaaaaaa

    never mind...G:


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