Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Russian Bilderberger Installs Anti-Photo Shield on Giant Yacht

Notorious Builderburgler, Roman Abramovich, puts Jacques Cousteau to shame with a high tech yacht that is not designed to save the planet, but more of a show boat with the purpose to save his own sad arse.

By Charlie Sorrel
September 21, 2009

Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich has a rather curious new addition built in to his latest oversized yacht. The 557-foot boat Eclipse, the price tag of which has almost doubled since original plans were drawn to almost $1.2 billion, set sail this week with a slew of show-off features, from two helipads, two swimming pools and six-foot movie screens in all guest cabins, to a mini-submarine and missile-proof windows to combat piracy.

It might not seem like somebody with such ostentatious tastes would crave privacy, but along with these expensive toys, Ambramovich has installed an anti-paparazzi “shield”. Lasers sweep the surroundings and when they detect a CCD, they fire a bolt of light right at the camera to obliterate any photograph. According to the Times, these don’t run all the time, so friends and guests should still be able to grab snaps. Instead, they will be activated when guards spot the scourge of professional photography, paparazzi, loitering nearby.

We dig it, although the British courts might not be so pleased. UK photo magazine Amateur Photographer asked a London lawyer about the legalities of destroying photos from afar. Here’s what he said: “intermeddling with goods belonging to someone else, or altering their condition, is a trespass to goods and will entitle the photographer to claim compensation without having to prove loss.”

Any sentence containing the word “intermeddling” is of course wonderful. The lawyer spoils it somewhat by (inevitably) mentioning James Bond and mixing up lasers with laser guns: “I would also be worried that lasers cause collateral damage, both to the camera and/or the claimant’s health.”


  1. Yup, the Builderburglers aren't afraid of availing themselves of the newest technology to keep prying eyes away from them.

    But in this age of cellphone cameras and YouTube, how long can he keep this up?

    All it takes is one of his employees to betray him.

  2. Yep, one would think that, even, a Builderburgler would have a little more discretion.

    A tit in the moonlight...G:

    Baaaah hahahahahahehehehehehe