Thursday, August 06, 2009

Ronald Wiecks Skeptic Show Starring Arthur Scheuerman Revisited

The prowess of these intellectual giants can only be compared to a gallon of cheap wine. They are busy as usual examining things from every angle in order to come up with the absolute truth, and consider every scrap of evidence so an impeccable hypothesis can be presented. Can there be anyone with enough intelligence to debate them? We have heard it on the video, that there is no one who will, mainly because it is too difficult for anyone to understand. Why I've heard, from Mark's own mouth, that he has read all of the ten thousand pages of the NIST report. Who could argue against a man with that much information in his head? I doubt that even Shyam Sunder has done that or if he has, it must have overloaded his hard drive, I mean...all he could do was stammer and stutter when he tried to describe gravity and freefall...

Pomaroo and Gravy have been busy for a long time trying to draw 911 truth seekers into voicing an opinion on FDNY being involved in a conspiracy. On this video he says...

Ronald Wieck: "Can you think of some particularly grievous examples of members of the truth movement distorting the words of fire fighters on the scene?"

Mark Roberts: "Oh sure, Richard Gage on his website says one of the signs of demolition is foreknowledge."

It's funny that Pomaroo is still asking that, especially to his compadre's. Here is Pomaroo commenting on an article from March 3, 2008


"Wordgeezer, you sound extremely confused. Was the FDNY in on it or not? A simple “yes” or “no” will do."

"My simple yes-or-no question is a major stumbling block for fantasists."

"So, how about it: Was the FDNY part of the Impossibly Vast conspiracy?"

"Now, how are we coming along with my simple yes-or-no question?"

"Most conspiracy liars flee when asked if the FDNY was part of the Impossibly Vast Conspiracy. It was refreshing to find one as forthright as you. Oh, wait–you fled, too. Sorry."

For dialog on this see Ronald Wieck's Skeptic Show Starring Arthur Scheuerman.

Nuff said, so here's a video done by a guy called Truth Jocky. He's not a scientist, an engineer, a fireman, or a skeptic. He's just someone, like many of us, who is amazed by what happened on 911 and the lengths that the shadow government has taken to avoid a real investigation.


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