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by cosanostradamus | July 14, 2009 - 8:17am

Republicans Are Openly Against Us, Democrats Are Just Not For Us Quite Enough

The best thing that could happen in the current political set-up is for single-payer universal national healthcare to go down to a glorious defeat, spattering all the anti-progressive players with mud. Let the Blue Dog "moderates," aka Democrats In Name Only, and the suddenly "fiscally conservative" Republicans join together to kill our health care, and wallow in their last victory. Let that kill their extreme right-wing movement for a corporatist America, where we're all just cash cows and cannon fodder for them. It's over, once and for all.

Let the weak, wishy-washy "liberal" Democrats do what they have always done: Compromise, compromise, compromise until everything they promised to do fails miserably. And then let us progressives kick their non-fighting asses out of our Democratic Party and take it over once and for all, banning all corporate money and influence from the whole political process forever. That is the only solution to the healthcare problem, and all the other problems caused by corporate corruption of our government. Now is the time to clean our house.

It's crunch time, Demosaurs. You're either with us or against us, we, the progressive majority of the American people. If the money from a handful of multi-national healthco's means more to you than the well-being of 300,000,000 voting, taxpaying American citizens, then you are out on your fat asses in November 2010, 2012 and 2016. Maybe you didn't get the message we sent in November 2206 & 2008. Maybe you thought we really bought your line of bullsh*t. Maybe you thought that we were all just so much in love with you that you could sh*t all over us once we put you in office. F**k no. We're watching you just like we watched Gingrich and Cheney, and we'll sh*tcan you just like we did them. Fail us once, shame on us. Fail us twice, shame on you.

Anything less than full single-payer universal national healthcare will be a complete failure, and we will regard it as such. Just as your Wall Street bailout has all too obviously failed to help anyone on Main Street, your imminent failure on healthcare is plain to us all. Progressives are watching you every second of every minute of every hour of every day of every week of every month of every year. We see everything you do. We know who is doing what for whom and to whom and why. If you screw us, we will punish you at the ballot box. Count on it. Your gravy train stops here.

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    Thanks for the cross-post.

    The Dem's need to get the message NOW: Cut the right-wing corporate "moderate" bullshit, get progressive or get out. We want our Party back, and we're taking it back every November from now on.

    Everybody needs to start showing up at their local Democratic Party meetings with ten of their progressive friends, folks. Tell your neighbors that it's time for a nice green, bottom-up Velvet Revolution in the Party of Andy Jackson and FDR. Do it while we still have a democracy. No one else is going to do it for you.

    If democracy fails, and fades from this Earth, it's OUR fault! Democracy is not a spectator sport.