Sunday, July 26, 2009

Who is Nick Scopetta?

Fire Commissioner Nicholas Scoppetta was named the 2009 Man of the Year by the FDNY’s Columbia Association on June 19 at the group’s 75th Annual Scholarship Dinner Dance at Russo’s on the Bay in Queens.

Nicholas Scoppetta, Commissioner for the Administration for Children's Services in the Giuliani administration, was appointed as New York City's 31st Fire Commissioner by Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg on December 30, 2001.

The same Nicholas Scoppetta, (actually Nicholas Scarpetta), that, along with mayor Michael Bloomberg, announced the newly created FDNY Terrorism Preparedness Taskforce on Sept. 3, 2002.

The FDNY Emergency Medical Service, which is not so compliant to authority, has nothing good to say about Scarpetta, rather than... "He should be in front of a jury, not getting an award."

We must keep in mind though that the Fire Commissioner is small potatoes compared to the other members of the FDNY Terrorism Preparedness Taskforce. The Taskforce will examine and evaluate the FDNY's terrorism preparedness capabilities and will comprise a panel of leading nationally and internationally renowned experts on terrorism, including: Gregory H. Canavan, a nuclear physicist at the Los Alamos National Laboratory; Margaret Hamburg, a former New York City Health Commissioner; Dr. Joshua Lederberg, a winner of the Nobel Prize in Physiology; Daniel Nigro, Chief of Department for the FDNY; and Shabtai Shavit, a former Director of Israel's intelligence agency Mossad. Following the announcement, Mr. Woolsey and Commissioner Scoppetta joined FDNY chief officers and personnel in a visit to the quarters of Hazardous Materials Unit 1 and Squad Company 288 in Queens, for a presentation on the units' responsibilities, capabilities, and needs.


  1. Here's some extra info on Scarpetta for ya Geez;

    Scroll down and read the comments. I think there might be another link about him in them.

    Good Fellas run everything!

  2. Wonder if James Woolsey and Greg Canavan were there. At any rate in Googling "FDNY Terrorism Preparedness Taskforce" only references to the original meeting come up, yet this article comes up fifth...hmmm

  3. .
    If he's one of Giuliani's mob of suck-ups, he's no damned good, period. Kerick was bad enough.