Monday, June 29, 2009

President Obama - Your Turn: Join the National Online Discussion on Health Care Reform

The President asks you to submit your questions on health care reform and take part in an ongoing online discussion. He will answer some of the most popular in a town hall on Wednesday.

* Post your video questions (please keep them at 20-30 seconds) as responses to this video. *

(Video response tutorial:

June 27, 2009 (Public Domain)

Here's some opinions on Health Care from both sides of the fence

Dennis Kucinich Health Care

Dennis Kucinich talks about his Universal Healthcare Plan at AFSCME FORUM on 2/21/07 and how the other Democratic Candidate's Healthcare Plan's All Include a roll for the Large "for Profit" Health ...

Congressman Ron Paul on Healthcare

Having practiced medicine for over 30 years, Congressman Paul gives his perspective on the past and future of medicine in this country, and the effects of government and special interests on quality, costs and access.

The Lies About The Healthcare Public Option -- McCain and Lieberman

John Boehner Discusses Health Care, Dems' Spending on FOX News

Lindsey Graham Discusses Kennedy Health Care Plan on Fox News

Newt's Plan to Fix Health Care

Nancy Pelosi on Raising Taxes and Taxing Healthcare Benefits: Everything Is on the Table


  1. I dunno Geez, I foresee any healthcare reform coming out like the Medicare Prescription Plan, a bastardized mix of private plans offered by the government.

    Insurance companies have may too much money and influence for this to be handled otherwise.

  2. Sigh....zzz I can dream can't I?

    We, of course should have ~Universal Health Care~. The corporate government will never admit to this as long as this symbiotic relationship, between the American Hospital Association, Big Pharmacy, Insurance Co's, Banksters, lobbyists, and our representatives in government, produces unprecedented profits on the backs of "We The People". There are many doctors and health care professionals who agree with this.

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