Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Climate Change?: It's not about what we believe

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Dr. Vicky Pope: "When climate scientists like me explain to people what we do for a living we are increasingly asked whether we "believe in climate change". Quite simply it is not a matter of belief. Our concerns about climate change arise from the scientific evidence that humanity's activities are leading to changes in our climate. The scientific evidence is overwhelming."



  1. Well I dunno. Are we having global warming or cooling? Which is it dammit?!

    Now it's just called "climate change."

    Does that make it real?

    All I know is that I can't plant my 'maters yet because the damn frosts won't stop!

  2. Ya got me dad, all I do is report the news. More new ice snd less old ice. There ain't no problems that Mother Nature can't handle. We might not like how it comes down though.

    Meanwhile in the here and now, it seems we are experiencing a late spring. I'm getting ready to put my maters in the ground for the second time this year. My first attempt resulted in frost bite and dead plants...):

  3. I think we're finally getting a break on the frosts, but now it's raining like hell.

    Forecasts still call for widely varying temps. But I still think this climate change stuff is just Mother Nature readjusting herself.

    But I know we get acid rain in these parts from those coal plants in the Mid-West though!

  4. Well, don't feel bad dad, I'm pretty sure that we're getting depleted uranium in the rain here in Oregon, along with some dust from China. During the dust storms there we had mud to clean off of our windshields in the morning.

    Good luck with your maters...G: