Wednesday, April 15, 2009

DUMBS~How extensive is the subterrainian domain?

Taiwan's Hsueh Shan Tunnel

This technology has been around for years and was developed in the US. Who knows what 's happening in subterrainian domains or if this is the only technology that is used for this purpose. According to some of the tinfoil guys who are talking about deep underground bases, there is extensive tunneling going on using alien technology.

Any ways, refering to my last post and getting back to the City Paper articles about Mr. Fantastic,I would like to point out this quote by him, aka "Mike Thomas". Would also mention what Seymore Hersh had to say to Howard Altman.

Mr. Fantastic:
"Howard, I am letting you know ahead of time that what I am giving you will be the largest story since Sep 11, the governments secret base. It is nicknamed the underground pentagon, it has 5 buildings, each 3 stories, a helipad, a national satellite comm. center,direct lines to the president, moscow, norad, and other top notch organizations. Not only can I get you the pics, and/or film but I can give you the layout of any activities. So chump change will not be accepted for me risking my career. I know the shadow gov is the hottest thing going so be generous. Hope to do business soon. Mike."

City Paper... March 14–21, 2002

By Howard Altman

Sidebar: Conversations with the White House

3:04 p.m., Mon., March 11

" Mike Thomas" has sent me an unsolicited e-mail. "i need a reply asap," he writes.
So now what?

Blow him off and maybe the FBI doesn’t catch the guy? Become a decoy and peg reporters as government tools?

I fire off a number of calls to reporters and editors I respect.

There are no definitive answers, only "gray areas" and "who will ever trust us" and "think about your career."

Then I leave a message for the FBI agent who came to see me earlier in the day.

"Hey, heads up, this guy e-mailed again. But I can’t be an agent. I can’t be a spy."

A little while later, the agent calls back, understanding my dilemma, asking that, at the very least, I do not respond, "to give us more time to develop a plan of action."

It is something I can live with, and so I agree.

Later that night, I receive a return call from Sy Hersh, the reporter who broke the My Lai massacre story.

"You don’t need me to tell you not to work for the FBI," he says in a gravelly voice. "I don’t mean to be rude, but, you are in way over your head on this, aren’t you? I mean, do you know who you are really dealing with here?"


  1. Underground bases have been a staple of Cold War lore since Eisenhower supposedly met aliens in the desert in 1954.

    Other legends include fighting pitched battles in underground bases in Dulce, New Mexico.

    Are they true? Who knows.

    The gubmint sure ain't sayin'!

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