Thursday, April 09, 2009

Cell Phones, Band Width, & The New World Order

MIP: the Mobile Information Project

Working with grants from the Knight Foundation and the United Nations Foundation, is creating MIP: an RSS-to-SMS engine.
MIP lets anyone subscribe to free news channels on even the most basic cellphones
MIP lets organizations reach a variety of populations with targeted messages

We'll be piloting MIP in Chile starting in April 2009 as part of the DatAgro project (see links at right), in conjunction with UNESCO, la Fundación para la Innovación Agraria (FIA), and the Zoltner Consulting Group. The Datagro project will allow farmers to receive agricultural information as well as news, sports, and weather information -- all by SMS (text messaging).

MIP lets the sheeple communicate with the public, or just with other folks, somewhat like "Twitter", to type short messages (called RSS, for "Really Simple Syndication") that can be sent from MIP as text messages to subscribers. As an incentive, they can also receive messages of their choosing from the innertubes by texting simple commands to the MIP phone number.

Well, at first glance this seems like a good deal, untill we consider the trade offs, especially when considering the unlimited storage facilities on the Googleplex and, ever present, government surveillance, including spying on cell phones even when they are turned off. In fact, they are already planning to implement the technology for data collection and monitering as well as using it in third world countries for voting purposes according to a blog on the World Bank web site.

Aint this Tweet, I have twitter on the top of my website and have been bad rappin cell phones, while using Googles blogspot, which I'm pretty sure is accessable to the NWO or whaterver you call the top 5%'ers. Maybe I might as well get a cell phone too, and go out in style, at least, untill I get zapped by the damned thing...G:

From m-euphoria to m-governance, thinking about the potential of mobile technology

Submitted by Alfredo on Fri, 03/27/2009 - 10:55.

The hype about mobile technology for development work is going on the rise. It's not for granted. More than four billion worldwide mobile subscriptions -with the fastest growth trend in developing countries-, sounds like a great opportunity to reach and interact with broader groups of people, including the poor. Actually, mobile penetration in Africa has expanded from about 2 to 28 subscribers (per 100 inhabitants) since 2000.

Some of the so called interaction mentioned is...Voice and awareness campaigns, Social participation and advocacy,Voting and participatory decision making, Public service delivery, Data collection and monitoring, and Crime denunciation.


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