Thursday, January 15, 2009

Tom Friedman Offers a Perfect Definition of 'Terrorism'

CommonDreams.orgJune 15.2009

by Glenn Greenwald

Tom Friedman, one of the nation's leading propagandists for the Iraq War and a vigorous supporter of all of Israel's wars, has a column today in The New York Times explaining and praising the Israeli attack on Gaza. For the sake of robust and diverse debate (for which our Liberal Media is so well known), Friedman's column today appears alongside an Op-Ed from The Atlantic's Jeffrey Goldberg, one of the nation's leading (and most deceitful) propagandists for the Iraq War and a vigorous supporter of all of Israel's wars, who explains that Hamas is incorrigibly hateful and radical and cannot be negotiated with. One can hardly imagine a more compelling exhibit demonstrating the complete lack of accountability in the "journalism" profession -- at least for those who are loyal establishment spokespeople who reflexively cheer on wars -- than a leading Op-Ed page presenting these two war advocates, of all people, as experts, of all things, on the joys and glories of the latest Middle East war.


Al Jazeera's Sherine Tadros reports from Gaza on the 20th day of the war.


  1. In short, Friedman is a Zionist sympathizer with ties to the confederate states of USrael...

  2. Zionist elites are coming out of the closet in droves it seems like Geez. They have no fear being exposed for the criminals they are because they know the sheeple are thoroughly controlled and indoctrinated.

    That's all right, even if there's no such thing as karma, in the scientific empirical Universe the coin flips tails 50% of the time at the end.