Friday, January 16, 2009

A whiff of Jitterbug Perfume in the library

I found a book in the library, "actually a stand with all kinds of reading material on it that sits in the bathroom", today that was laying there opened up to this page. There it was laying with a copy of Mad Magazine and one of Gary Larson's "The Far Side" publications. I had no idea that my daughter had such good taste in literature as I read this worn old paperback from the 1980's. What I was reading was pretty much relevant to the happenings today, so here's a picture of it...

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Anyways, I've decided to read the rest of it even if it is fiction it's close enough to sci-fi for me. Kinda like Steinbeck with a little bit of Mark Twain and Henry Miller thrown in for good measure.

As the time draws near for the exit of Bu$hco I would like to wish a happy, democratic, truth filled, peaceful existence to all and a small reminder to love your brothers and sisters, as well as any other critters, and especially plants...G:

Humorous Quotes from Tom Robbins'Jitterbug Perfume

# The secondary function of a bathroom mirror is to measure murmurs in

mental mud.

# Above the building, the sky recalled passages from Les Miserables,

threadbare and gray.

# Birth and death were easy. It was life that was hard.

# Modern Romans insisted that there was only one god, a notion that struck

Alobar as comically simplistic.

# If you didn't serve the nasty fellow (God), the Romans would burn your

house down. If you did serve him, you were called a Christian and got to

burn other people's houses down.

# The shaman lives outside the social system, refusing to have any part of

it. Yet he seems to connect the populace to the heavens and the earth far

more directly than the priest.

# In the quiet ache of the evening, Alobar listened to his calluses grow.

# I journey to the east, where I have been told, there are men who have

taught death some manners.

# You don't have to be a genius to recognize one. If you did, Einstein

would never have gotten invited to the White House.

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