Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Bu$h's Licentious Legacy of Lies

by By SilentPatriot Tuesday Jan 13, 2009 7:00pm

The White House has been in full "re-write history" mode the past few months, but even the brilliant Bush spinmeisters couldn't spin the fact that no one really cares about what Bush has to say anymore.

With seven days left until he surrenders power, Bush will have to do a heck of a sales job to convince the nation of this. Further complicating his last-minute legacy rehabilitation: Nobody seems to be paying attention. The White House had high expectations for yesterday's final, historic news conference. "ONE CORRESPONDENT PER ORGANIZATION," proclaimed the bulletin sent to reporters. "STANDING ROOM ONLY FOR NON-SEAT HOLDERS." But when the appointed hour of 9:15 a.m. arrived, the last two rows in the seven-row briefing room were empty, and a press aide told White House interns to fill those seats.

Osama bin Laden calls for new jihad over Israeli offensive

From Times Online January 14, 2009

President Bush admitted this week that he did not know whether bin Laden had ever come close to capture during that time, although he was "absolutely" certain that he would be caught eventually. More improbably, Dick Cheney, the Vice-President, suggested that the Administration had a "few days left" to capture bin Laden and his deputy, the Egyptian Ayman al-Zawahi.

So I guess what this miserable son of a she dog is trying to say is that in spite of being the commander in chief with unprecedented powers to snoop on any information on planet Earth including the Googleplex, DARPA, the CIA, the FBI, the Mossad, etc. blablablabaa that he knows nothing about the most wanted man on Earth, in spite of the fact that he can imprison and torture anyone he wants any where he wants. I mean, like this unqualified and self proclaimed war president has blood on his hands and makes light of events that have lead to...Excuse me while I go into a mind lock even thinking about a small part of it....zzzzzZZZZZ* Lets see? Where was I? Hmmm Nuremburg trials, the Hague, justice, karma?

Bush Admits No Saddam 9/11 Connection

Bush Caught Lying About September 11th


  1. What a lying bastard he is. Good riddance to Bush.

  2. Thanks for the post JD. Bu$hco will be gone but not forgotten, even when he is imprisoned for his crimes against humanity and those against Mother Nature in general...G: