Monday, January 12, 2009

Bu$h: "There is no such thing as short term history"

Helen Thomas sitting in the front row and not being recognized by this egotistical idiot tells it all for me...G:


  1. Like there's no short term memory either, right Geez?

    What an inbred elitist ass!

  2. According to Duhhbya history will be determned by analysis. Yaknow...for being a self proclaimed religious man, he certainly has no understanding of the Akashic records, but is there anything at all that he does understand? ...G:

  3. misunderestiamted him?
    waht? after 8 years, he still doesnt have a proper vocab?
    Soo glad its almost over!

  4. "misunderestiamted him?"

    Yep, I guess so. As much as I detested him in year 2000, the depths of deceit that this country experienced are beyond what i could have possibly imagined. 8 years of an accelerated living hell of premeditated havoc on all living things on the planet, and we're told that impeachment is off of the table. Does anyone know what is really on this table besides death and destruction or even where it is?