Saturday, December 27, 2008

Business as usual as Israel retaliates in Gaza

Business as usual as Israeli F-16's bomb Gaza just days after a truce with Hamas expired. The Gaza Strip is a sliver of towns, villages and farmland at the southeast end of the Mediterranean, 25 miles long and 6 miles wide and heavily populated with Palestinians who have left Israel and the West Bank.

Massive Israeli air raids on Gaza

BBC News Saturday, 27 December 2008

Israeli F-16 bombers have pounded key targets across the Gaza Strip, killing more than 200 people, local medics say.

Most of those killed were policemen in the Hamas militant movement, which controls Gaza, but women and children also died, the Gaza officials said.

About 700 others were wounded, as missiles struck security compounds and militant bases, the officials said.

Israel said it was responding to an escalation in rocket attacks from Gaza and would bomb "as long as necessary".

They were the heaviest Israeli attacks on Gaza for decades. More air raids were launched as night fell.

The operation came days after a truce with Hamas expired.

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One killed as Kassams rain on Negev

Dec 27, 2008 13:34 | Updated Dec 27, 2008 18:34

One killed as Kassams rain on Negev

In Ashkelon, at least 10 rocket strikes were reported, with one hitting an apartment building.

For the first time ever, a Kassam rocket struck Kiryat Gat. The "Color Red" warning siren also sounded in Ashdod, although the location of a rocket strike had yet to be reported.

Nobody was hurt in any of the other attacks.

Israeli citizens living within a 20-kilometer radius of Gaza were ordered to remain indoors as Kassam warning systems blasted throughout the area.

Defense Minister Ehud Barak issued an order declaring a "Special Situation in the Home Front" which essentially transfers civil authority over villages and towns within the area to the IDF. This order grants the IDF the authority to order the closure of factories and schools if needed as well as to assist the local councils to continue functioning despite the rocket attacks.


  1. There will never be peace over there, as long as rich bastards keep stirring the pot. Dorkbya is just a puppet, and a particularly dumb one, at that, but he knows where the hand that feeds him is.

    I don't know about you, but I won't even acknowledge those flag-draped coffins coming home, anymore. Nope! It's time people woke up to the machinations of sham politicians like Dumbya and Harper/Bush-toadie, and stopped selling their propaganda to their impressionable young. Time for people to get tough, and stop being pussies hiding behind political-correctness, and under their beds if someone happens to swear in their presence.

    Like I've said, before... it isn't cool to be stupid in the New World Order!

  2. Yep, it's a foul brew the sh*te stirrers are cooking up, but not many will mention the evil stench of Zionism...G:

  3. That's because most sheeple equate Zionism with being Jewish, so if you're against Zionism, you're against the Jews.

    The fact is, most Orthodox Jews loathe Zionists and equate them with Communists.