Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Beirut protest in support of Palestinians

Beirut earmarks $1 million to help Gazans, declares official day of mourning

Daily Star staff
Wednesday, December 31, 2008

BEIRUT: Lebanon's Cabinet said on Tuesday it would donate $1 million to help Palestinians affected by continuing Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip. "The Cabinet has decided to provide $1 million in immediate assistance to aid the injured and afflicted in Gaza," Information Minister Tarek Mitri told reporters after the ministers met at Baabda Palace for a session presided over by President Michel Sleiman .

The government also announced that it will also launch a drive to raise funds for Gaza relief efforts. In addition, Wednesday was declared a day of national mourning, with flags at state institutions to be flown at half-mast.

Mitri stressed the "necessity of lifting the blockade against Gaza and ensuring access of medical and humanitarian assistance to the wounded."

The news came as Israel bombed Gaza for a fourth day in a row. A medical official in the enclave said at least 368 Palestinians, including more than 50 civilians, had been killed in the raids.


Tom Cruise has strong views on the Gaza situation


  1. Even poor, decrepit, bombed out Lebanon is managing to scrape up a million bucks to help the Pals while the world stands by, either ignoring or watching.

    Appalling by any measure.

  2. Yep, a million and a half people with no place to go after loosing their heritage in Palestine and the West Bank are trapped in a 6 by 25 mile strip of coastal land and attacked by what is now a formidable world power...


  3. Is it just me, or is the grass a little greener on the outside of the Gaza border G?

  4. Let's remember, too, who the assholes are that are orchestrating this bullshit. I've been hauled up on the mat because I seem to be persecuting Jews, well, it's the fucking Zionists that have my crosshairs on their back, not the Jewish people... who have been poked and prodded into war after war by elitist fucks in religio-fascist circles, and their banker/industrialist lackeys.

    If we, the people, would get our heads out of our asses, and quit playing the false flag game of the globalists, we would soon see who is responsible for all of the unrest in a war-weary world. If we would refuse to educate our young in the schools of rhetorical bullshit that our governments and institutes of learning shoved down ours and our parent's throats, we would accomplish a lot more in defeating these bloodthirsty bastards.

    By the way... Happy New Year, all!

    (For what it's worth.)

  5. missing video?

    Well, it looks like Tom was a little to hardcore with his dressing down of the Zionist advocates on the genecide in Gaza. I looked for a while to see if one got left on Youtube, until I realized that there are 54080 Tom Cruise videos there...G: