Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Artist James W Johnson: Styles & Isms

Well, these idiotic idiologues wont be around much longer, (holding breath), so here is another viewpoint of the vermin that will hopefully be going down the road. The Neocons have always been weird in that they all say their official spiel over and over, and have the MSM as a platform from which their evil rhetoric can be broadcasted.
Not only do they speak with one voice, but they exhibit the same persona as they do so as can be seen in this .

Johnson is an artist that when introduced to the computer began to develop a whole new way of using photo shop, with video presentations that gives what I might call expressionism. Juust kidding...James really doesn't adhere to isms, styles, or conformity in general, butt , C 4 Urs elf.

And now for something completely different


  1. That's one thing about the neo-cornholers, their meme discipline is outstanding, they stayed on message the whole time Bu$hco was in I mean.

    Does that make them admirable?

    No. Not just "no", but a resounding "hell no!"

    But they still have their 25% supporters believe it or not.

    Just as Hitler and Stalin still have to this day!

  2. This band of low down murderers and thieves makes the Nixon administration look like Hopalong Cassidy.

    The very thought of these evildoers being pardoned seems like freeing Charles Manson to me...G: