Sunday, November 02, 2008

Karl Rove involved in Senator Gordon Smith's campaign financing

Well folks, the infestation of Neoconservative vermin in the White House is alive and well, as can be seen by such front's as "Freedom's Watch" which is pumping money into Senator Smith's campaign. Meanwhile Smith is hanging on to
Obama's coat tails, trying to pose as a moderate conservative. Only Joe Lieberman can be compared to this two faced Senator that will say anything to hang onto his position and only Bu$hco would pour this amount of money and power into a senatorial campaign. The funny thing is that Obama is stumping for Jeff Merkley, while Karl Rove works with "Freedom's Watch", behind the scenes, to do photo-ops against Merkley.

Will Gordon Smith fire robocall firm FLS-Connect?

Blue Oregon

Kari Chisholm

As John McCain defends the robocalls tying Barack Obama to Bill Ayers, Gordon Smith is desperately trying to distance himself.

Today, his campaign told the Huffington Post that Smith is opposed to negative robocalls:

"They [the Ayers calls] are not taking place in Oregon and Senator Smith does not condone these sort of calls. Negative robocalls are not appropriate and have no place in campaigns."

But here's the thing. The company that is producing these attack robocalls for John McCain, FLS-Connect, has been paid nearly $100,000 by Gordon Smith over the last year.

Not only that, but Gordon Smith - right now, in Oregon - is the beneficiary of a series of negative robocalls being produced by Karl Rove and Freedom's Watch attacking Jeff Merkley.

I have two questions:

  • Will Gordon Smith fire FLS-Connect?
  • Will Gordon Smith call on Karl Rove to stop the negative robocalls in Oregon?

If Gordon Smith won't fire FLS-Connect and call on Karl Rove to stop robocalling Oregonians, then it's clear that this is just a cheap publicity stunt. Nothing more.


  1. Robocall?

    At least it ain't Robo-porkrinds! LOL!

  2. Robocall is one of more popular oldies but goodies done by Porkrind. Porkroach and the Roboroach Freedom Watchers is his new fusion band from DC and Gordy is one of their biggest fans...G: