Saturday, November 08, 2008

New video surfaces on WTC7

Apparently taken from the top of a building at Warren and North End Avenue and probably from the roof of the high school there. This video, shows unseen footage of a vertical row of windows being blown out and, like some of the others, shows a large pyroclastic flow and hot gasses rising from the collapsing building.

No sound on these videos...

This video also shows some North Tower footage that gives a different view point of the collapse of WTC1. As in existing videos it shows the mysterious disintegration of matter into dust before it reaches the ground, which can't really be explained by ordinary methods of building demolition, nor has it been explained by the NIST investigation. I wonder if the US Department of Energy has any ideas about the evidence of extreme temperatures that was found throughout the whole area.

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More video from the same area. These are taken from the hotel overlooking the high school at the curve on the North side of Chamber street. These videos are high quality and show plenty of detail of the whole sequence.

From: EddieGuerreronr1
A Amature video from a couple that lives some apartment a bit from wtc..
they capture almost everything that happend..

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  1. I remember pulling out from a truck stop, that day, and catching the conversation between two other drivers over the CB, thinking that they were talking about a normal highjacking, and that such an activity had been dormant for quite some time. I soon realized that there was no hijacking, and I still go with the "Operation Pearl" scenario, or at least something close to it.

    At any rate, those buildings came down on cue and on target. Like I said to that pseudo-fireman you had commenting here, only a complete retard would go with the government version after all that's been said and revealed.

    Anyway, the sheepsters have a new patsy... er, president to titillate their fancy, for a time, and they're all heady and excited for the future. I, for one, am battening down the hatches, matey, because there's an ill wind a-blowin', and it's a-blowin' mighty close!