Saturday, October 25, 2008

Joe Biden delivers an ominous message about Barack Obama

So what is Biden doing talking about that would ordinarily be top secret stuff? Well, it isn't only him of course, but is probably coming directly from Bu$hco, and the Neocorporate Republic. Colin Powell mentioned a similar thing on Meet The Press Oct. 19th. and UN Ambassador John Bolton re-enforced Bidens warning. Is it just me or does this smell like the NWO?

CNS News

MSNBC 'Meet the Press'

statement at 2:40 into video...G:


  1. I'm thinking that Powell had quite the intriguing message, himself. Other than the obvious rhetorical observations about what the publick is aware of, and is concerned with, his prognostications for the new year seem very definite. I had hoped that maybe this guy had finally decided that he'd had enough of the NWO, but, obviously, he's playing through a script just like always.

    No surprises, here. The NWO controls everything, even Obama's destiny. I wish the publick would wake up to that fact, but they're headed for the cellar!

    Merry Xmas?

  2. Is it just me or does this smell like the NWO?

    Hmmm...? Sniff, snuff...eeeewwww!!!

    Goddamn NWO zoo animals got out again! }P

    Where's the zoo-keeper?

    Better call animal control! 8^|

  3. Well, we're all in such deep doodoo that the aroma of Elephant crap has pretty much permeated the lower atmosphere. There's even complaints from the Himalayas, but the smell coming from the famous Colon that once told us about WMD is almost unbearable. So much so that the frogs that are still in hot water are refusing to jump...):