Saturday, October 04, 2008

Duhhbya say's there'$ a chance we'll get our money back


  1. Duhhbya say's the sheeple will get their money back?


    We ain't gonna get no satisfaction is right, we didn't didn't even get kissed or slipped the tongue when we got 'porked'!

  2. How about our country. Will we get that back, too?

    Perhaps we can in about a month.

  3. Bu$hco don't own our country but he, unfortunately, presides over our government. His function is as unitary executive, which is designed to enable the control of the Middle East and beyond, instead of serving the people of this once great country.

    Yep, we got porked by the shrub, aka gusano pocito', and didn't feel a thing, but lord knows what we might catch...):