Friday, October 10, 2008

Duhbya's video finally appears?

Was it just me, or was there something weird going on today at the White House. Around 7:30 am I started a video on, but it went off and I couldn't connect. I went back later, and there was a video with voice, but no picture. The first video I could find was on
The MSNBC video that is now playing wasn't there earlier in the day...G:?

Hmm, I just checked again and still no picture on the video, and the audio version sounds the same as the video version. It sounds like one of his weekly radio addresses in quality. Just wondering? Another thing that bothers me is that he is standing there by himself in the rose garden during one of his most important moments in history.

Why is that I keep having this dejavu? I feel like I'm watching the reading of "My Pet Goat"..G:

Thank you Bu$hco

We sure gotta thank Duhhbya for iniating another program "Hope Now" for those folks who have a few bucks left after losing their homes due to his "Ownership Society". If it hadn't been for Bu$h's promotion of Fannie May and Freddy Mac they would still be nobodies. Thank you Duhbya and thank gawd for the "Healthy Forests Iniative" that give us all those sticks to build our houses with. Who could be more thankful for "Hope Now" than a homeless carpenter who is also jobless?

We wish you all the best Bu$h , and hope that life will be a little simpler where you're heading. Paraguay is nice this time of year and their's good folks there. Some of them own laptops, while others still use blowguns and live in the jungle...G:


  1. Any chances that Bu$hco after a session of snooting blow he'll wander into the jungle and meet up with head-hunters?

    At least they won't have to shrink his pea-brain, that job's already done for them! LOL!

  2. LOLMAO, Duhhhbya won't have his own private army anymore, and he'll never pass for a native...anywhere.
    That treefrog extract might not phase him though ,after the heavy meds he's been doing...G:

  3. I think they couldn't have found a better patsy than this guy... he's so detached from reality and conscience... like a drone! Nothing says 'AUTOMATON' like the visage of George Duhbya Bush.

    I don't think there is any way that you could rattle this idiot, as you would have to have some form of personality to be offended or intimidated. He has an ability to detach himself from the rest of humanity that is unrivaled, except in the case of inanimate objects. This guy makes Homer Simpson seem sophisticated!

    I think his ration of pretzels and Bush-beer is probably all the elitists have to provide Junior to keep him the happy, indifferent and highly-visible and usable loose cannon that he is.

    Oh... for a great illustration of Dorkbya's role in the overall scheme of things, check this out:

    The guy on the left of Lex!

    Spot on, I tell ya!