Sunday, September 21, 2008

WTC - Video of the World Trade Center disaster not shown In Europe Or USA.

Japanese rare footage and immediate coverage...

At 3:34 into this video watch the extreme explosive force, or whatever it is, expell material for distances of around one city block. Of particular interest is the material that is being blown upward, and even more interesting is a large blob of material that is traveling horizontally toward World Financial Building 1, a 40 story building that is at least one block away. It vanishes from sight as it passes over the cut pyramid shape of the top of this building.

I believe that the part of the video at 3:34 was taken from around the intersection of West and Vesey streets looking Northerly past WTC1 to the West side of WTC2 as it collapses. I had to stop and start the video several times to see what was going on with the debris as it was blown in different directions. This sure doesn't look like the work of gravity to me. What would Newton think?

Please click photo to enlarge. World Financial Building one with the cutoff pyramid top that is South West of WTC2 on the other side of West Street.


  1. Well, like I've repeated ad nauseum for I dunno how many effing years, Geez, only the most in-denial moron could ever see this as anything other than what it is... murder... by the very people entrusted to protect and serve their countrymen.

    But, you know, knowledge comes with a very high price. It means giving up all of one's precious and preconceived notions about how society functions, and who ultimately runs it.

    I dunno, old timer... if they won't believe it from the mouths of those that actually have been involved in the takeover and plunder of your country - men like Wilson, Kissinger, House, Warburg, Bush, etc., who in God's name WILL they believe? How much plainer can it get, or be stated???

    If Bush got on the tube and admitted complicency in the whole rotten affair, do you think the radical right wouldn't just blink, then reach for the remote to tune in the nearest mud-fling/wet T-shirt competition?

    It's just not acceptable to think ill of one's leaders in Oz.

    “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it” Adolf Hitler

  2. Yep, I knew that The Neocons stole the election and installed Bu$h's idiot son, but I couldn't really believe that the idea of a new Pearl Harbor to implement hegemony in the Middle East was the ambition of the crooks that stole the White House. This was even too much for Poppy Bu$h.

    But the official story is obviously a cover up in my opinion, so I think that all of the evidence(at least the evidence that is left), should be put on the table for everyones perusal, and presented in an honest and open court of law.

    No theories or hypothesis, just a gathering of all the evidence in an unbiased way.

    Of particular concern to me is that the NIST (non investigation) has drug on this long, and given us nothing but 10,000 pages of speculation. The official story is, imho, a conspiracy theory.

    "It's just not acceptable to think ill of one's leaders in Oz."

    You put the horshoe on the iron there Gear Grinder. I've heard the Gubmint shills re-iterating what acceptable thinking means to them since Duhhbya's first day in office. I give praise to the big kahuna of the multiverse that his days are numbered...G: