Monday, September 08, 2008

Like a Bad Penny

Well, its nice to be back. Had a great time in my old home town with relatives and friends....zzzzZZZZ

Sure has been a lot of ongo since I left, and I still haven't caught up with the half of it. I did catch the news about Amy Goodman being arrested at the RNC event on KGO the Ray Talliaferro show, which the MSM treated as non news. Like, what happened, is the whole country drinking the hallucinatory beverages of the Neo Republican party. And if that wasn't too much I find myself viewing videos of Palladin wearing the lipstick of war, and spewing words like victory in Iraq.

Oh well, come on in, the waters fine. Just one of the of the benefits of Global Warming I guess. Victory? Somehow I have a hard time getting what in the hell these Rovian manipulators are trying to win. Is Lipstick Palladin trying to tell us that the folks in the cradle of civilization declared war on the United States, and that she is proud to send her son off to war to defeat the descendents of Adam and Eve or is she following the lead of such reputable, (cough), intellectuals as John Bolton and, (gag), Bill Kristol.

Neo Republican Convention

August 31, 2008

More at Delyla Wilson tours the country with her family in the "PermiBus," a mobile permaculture demonstration. The group is in the Twin Cities to teach people about sustainable living practices.

On the evening of Saturday, Aug. 30, 2008 the bus was pulled over in what police eventually described as a routine traffic stop. After detaining the bus occupants, the police decided the bus was a commercial vehicle and impounded it for inspection, leaving the family and their guests stranded and homeless.

The police allowed the Wilsons to remove their dogs and chickens, but were not allowed to retrieve their computers or any other belongings, including their daughter's shoes.

This incident ended a day that saw multiple pre-RNC raids, which some legal observers believe is a coordinated pre-emptive effort by local and national law enforcement agencies to chill RNC protest action. Video by Chuck Olsen of The UpTake: Photos by Tony Webster, used with permission:


  1. Welcome back to the land where up is down, war is peace and double-speak is the Orwellian speechification of choice!

    Yup, the corpo-media operated polling system has the spin machine going warp-speed and pushing the McPain/More Pain ticket through the sky.

    Teen-age pregnancy and Holy War are the Christo-Fascist Family Values and Red 'Murrikkka is lapping it up faster than you can sing, "bomb-bomb-bomb, bomb-bomb Iran!"

    Aren't cha glad yer back!


  2. Teen-age pregnancy and Holy War are the Christo-Fascist Family Values and Red 'Murrikkka is lapping it up faster than you can sing, "bomb-bomb-bomb, bomb-bomb Iran!"

    Pretty well describes it in a nut shell Dad...LOLMFAO

    Actually, I had to get back pretty soon as I have been Jone'sin from pc withdrawel. Tried to use my Sis's old laptop tapping into the neighbors wi-fi, but it was like slugging in the mud...G: