Friday, September 26, 2008

Karl Roves Historical Lie "Congress pushed the President to war in Iraq"

Well folks, this is the lie that has been perpetrated by the Neocorporate government and all of it's gubment shills on the internet and the main stream media to claim that congress was responsible for the invasion of Iraq. We knew it then and know it now, but must keep digging up the history that these neocorporate creeps are trying to change...G:

DCCC (Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee) Chairman Chris Van Hollen and Karl Rove on FOX News Sunday

December 04, 2007

Republicans know what a mess they have made in Iraq -- we can't let them rewrite history now.

Chairman Van Hollen took him to task and demanded he retract these outrageous statements. While Rove did a verbal tap dance, cherry picking information, the Chairman pulled out his trump card. This quote from Ari Fleischer:

"It was definitely the Bush administration that set it in motion and determined the timing, not the Congress. I think Karl in this instance just has his facts wrong."

Rove looks dumbfounded that someone finally stood up to him and called out his fabrications face-to-face. Watch the video of Chris Van Hollen and contribute to help us continue holding Bush's Rubber Stamp Republicans accountable. Don't let them rewrite history and use their spin to promote their concocted story.

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