Monday, August 25, 2008

The Yes Men dupe ExonMobile at Oil Expo

The Yes Men have been donning their "identity correction" suits since 2005 to infiltrate large corporations like Haliburton and Dow Chemical to show just how ludicrous our Corporate Government is. If you haven't seen the brilliant pranks they've pulled on the elite, they can be found at their web site

Exxon's Climate-Victim Candles

Imposters posing as ExxonMobil and National Petroleum Council (NPC) representatives delivered an outrageous keynote speech to 300 oilmen at GO-EXPO, Canada's largest oil conference, held at Stampede Park in Calgary, Alberta, today.

The speech was billed beforehand by the GO-EXPO organizers as the major highlight of this year's conference, which had 20,000 attendees. In it, the "NPC rep" was expected to deliver the long-awaited conclusions of a study commissioned by US Energy Secretary Samuel Bodman. The NPC is headed by former ExxonMobil CEO Lee Raymond, who is also the chair of the study.

This is a tribute to Exxon employee Reggie Watts, who volunteered his body to be turned into fuel. Eventually, we will turn the billions victims of climate change into fuel as well, to make life better for the rest of us. See for more info.

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