Saturday, August 09, 2008

Evolution of the blogosphere and Majestic 12

Hmm. lets see...

Man, I don't have the froggiest what to write about today. I'm completely boggled frazzled my hard drive's draggin & needs defraggin. Duhhbya's finally gone, but our country looks like it's been raped by the Mongel hoards... Oh, I know what I'll do, just post a video, maybe a billbobjoe. Hmm Joe didn't do a new one yet so it looks like a good day for a bike ride. Life gets tedious don't it...G:

Ah, the Majestic 12 documents, I remember reading about them in the 1950's but never really seen any evidence. These sure look authentic, but like every other thing on the innertubes there are folks who call themselves debunkers just like the ones that were denying the existence of UFO's in the old days. Project Bluebook if I remember it correctly. It filed most of the reports where they couldn't be seen or explained them away as weather balloons, ball lightning, or just plain old hallucinations. All I can say is that there are two sightings that they can't explain to me, because I seen them. So it boils down to separate realities and folks seem to understand it a little more after sighting one...G:


  1. Thats one of the reasons why I like Dennis Kucinich...G:

  2. Well, the Canadians are trying hard to imitate the states, racking up another kill in Afghanistan. The publick, as usual, is right behind the insanity.

    Another Dead One

    Like the Joker says, this world needs an enema!

  3. Hmmm, UFO hunting ain't a bad idea.

    I never attempted bike riding with them though, that's different!

    I think I'll skip the enema!

  4. Marine, I'm into Bigfoot hunting, now. Wanna see?


    Geez was out inspecting his 'garden' and some Area 51 guys came in for a piece of the action!

  5. Ooops! Heh-heh... *loosening collar* wrong link... try this one:


    Oh well... whichever one turns your crank!

  6. What the*? Well by golly howdy! That's all ya gotta do is crinkle a little tinfoil and here they come. It's like they smell the plasma ,It's Dad and The Highwayman, a couple of the original Bros. of the foil.

    Yep, this world needs an enema but it got an enemy. We'll all be constipated and at the same time see a lot of shite coming down.

    Hmmn Maby it all started with the microwave...G:

  7. it is obvious to me we are not alone..majestic 12 and the crew are up to their old games. WOnder waht the real reason behind all of this is?