Thursday, August 07, 2008

Jalil Habbush $ The 6 million dollar man

Citizens for Legitimate Government

Lori Price

06 August 2008

According to Ron Suskind in his book, 'The Way of the World,' Iraq Intelligence Director Tahir Jalil Habbush al-Tikriti collected a cool $5 million from the CIA for forging a backdated letter for Bush's henchmen. But, if you turn him in through the US 'Rewards for Justice' program, you can collect up to a million bucks!

As of 06 August 2008, Tahir Jalil Habbush resides on the US Rewards for Justice 'Wanted Terrorist' list. This means that George W. Bush funded a wanted terrorist. Isn't the Patriot Act supposed to keep terrorists from funding other terrorists?


  1. Well, there's always been two sets of laws - one for the rich and one for the poor. Actually, only one... for the rich.

    It's pretty easy to write yourself up a war, these days. Always has been, but now you can do it at light speed. I'd like to see them admit to all of the other lies that they've begotten over the years, basically for every significant skirmish we've been involved with as United Nations patsies.

    Well, that won't happen, so it's back to creeping out the masses with stuff their lazy asses should have sorted out years ago.

    Bugger, eh wot?

  2. This truth seeking is a bee itch Highway. The closer you get to it the wierder it gets. Manifest destiny is not something that I believe in, but there are no sunglasses that will put a rosy hue on what we are now witnessing.

    Like Willy said, it's time for a big party...Truthstock. G:

  3. On what Olbermann was saying about the war:

    There was no war, it was a police action, just like when Poppy Bu$h went in the first time.

    Not only were there no weapons of mass destruction, but Iraq had inadequate weaponry in every department, as witnessed by our tanks blowing the turrets off of all of Saddam's tanks with depleted uranium warheads. Poppy "Chicken Hawk" Bu$h knew that Iraq was weak, and so did Duhhbya.

    Iraq would be defeated?

    Iraq would beoccupied.