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Bu$hco's military fiasco in Georgia


Eric Margolis

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WASHINGTON DC- The Bush administration appears to have pulled off its latest military fiasco in the Caucasus. What was supposed to have been a swiftly and painless takeover of rebellious South Ossetia by America’s favourite new ally, Georgia, has turned into a disaster that left Georgia battered, Russia enraged, and NATO badly demoralized. Not bad for two days work.

Equally important, Russia’s Vladimir Putin swiftly and decisively checkmated the Bush administration’s clumsy attempt last week to expand US influence into the Caucasus, and made the Americans and their Georgian satraps look like fools.

We are not facing a return to the Cold War - yet. But the current US-Russian crisis over Georgia, a tiny nation of only 4.6 million, and its linkage to a US anti-ballistic missile system in Eastern Europe, is deeply worrying and increasingly dangerous.

On 7 August, Georgia’s president, Mikheil Saakashvili, ordered his US and Israeli-advised and equipped army to invade the breakaway region of South Ossetia, which has been struggling for independence from Georgia since 1992. Most of its people were Russian citizens who wanted union with Russian North Ossetia.

If not directly behind Georgia’s invasion of South Ossetia, Washington had to have been at least fully aware of Saakashvili’s plans. The Georgian Army was trained and equipped by US and Israeli military advisors stationed with its troops down to battalion level. CIA and Israel’s Mossad operated important intelligence stations in Tbilisi and coordinated plans with the Saakashvili, whose political opponents have long accused him of being very close to CIA and the Pentagon.

Georgia’s attack on South Ossetia was launched while the world was absorbed by the Beijing Olympics, and Prime Minister Putin was in the Chinese capital. The attack was clearly planned to be a lightening strike that would occupy all of South Ossetia and then Abkhazia before Moscow could react, presenting the Kremlin with a fait accompli.

Who in Bush’s or Cheney’s office approved this stupid adventure? Why did the very smart Israelis get sucked into this imbroglio?

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UPDATE: Why did the very smart Israelis get sucked into this imbroglio?

Question answered thanks to my tinfoil buddy dad2059

Long Live TheKhazaria Empire - Not!

By Karl Schwarz

The Bush-Zionist Global War on Terror has taken another massive hit. Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf resigned at 10am CET - 4am in Washington, DC.

Americans can now be assured that there will be NO Trans- Afghanistan Pipeline as TAP, or the alternative version of TAPI (Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India) until the United States completely changes its policies towards the people of Islam. Over recent months, the Taliban have grown in strength and most of Afghanistan is now under their control.

It took a long time for this Bush Dirty Diaper to fill up, but folks, it is now an extremely nasty one.


  1. I would beg to differ on the statement "smart Israelis" because the zionists in the Israeli government were into this up to their sleazy eyeballs.

    It's too bad pious Jews get dragged into zionist schemes because in the West's eyes, zionists equal Jew, but that's not the case historically.

    I found an interesting article about Georgia and the Caspian Sea area that goes along with your post Geez; http://www.rense.com/general83/khaz.htm

  2. Hmm,I see what ya mean Dad, looking at the rest of the iceberg, one would wonder if the cold war really ended. Still waters run deep,especially when considering Zionist history...G%