Thursday, July 24, 2008

Put Karl Rove in Jail




This obnoxious little porker has been implemental in almost all of the crooked dealings of Bu$hco, the unnacountable gang of slime dwellers that stole our government, our money, our freedom, our resources, our honor, and the very way that we live and breath. This neoconservative nerd is about as funny as a heart attack as he thumbs his nose at us to emphasize how ludicrous this whole administration really is. Lets put him in jail so that we can get started on a modern version of the Nurenburg Trials...G:


  1. I asked them if they needed tar, feathers and a rail.

    I was going to suggest rope, but I didn't want jackboots kicking my door in just yet.

    How about that bar-b-cued porkrind idea Geez?

    Over an open flame, the dripping fat just might cause a forest fire! LOL!

  2. Porkrinds roasting on an open fire

    Jackboots tripping on the pyre

    Although it's been said

    Many times many ways

    Merry Fitzmas to a liar...G: