Friday, July 11, 2008

A Tribute to Billyjoebob & The Sludge Report

Well, Joe has been speaking truth to power from his attic for quite a while now,and was formerly on Youtube as billybobjoe57. His account was suspended a couple of months ago, about the time that he posted a video about The day the US declared war on Iran.


If you are experiencing difficulties finding Joe his new Youtube handle is called The Sludge Report where he is still giving us the lowdown on Bu$hco and the Corporate Government.

Keep up the good work Joe, you have been a real inspiration for those of us who are beginning to realise that everyone of us, "We The Sheeple", should be shouting out against George Duhhbya Bu$h & Co.

Here's Truthjocky with a message of support for Joe...

I didn't like the way The Man nixed all your hard work Joe...that was wrong! I'd seen your stuff, it was basic first amendment bread and butter man. It's a crying shame that America has been reduced to corporate lies & deceptions -- but the masses of human resources don't see the big picture man. Some do...and I hope you'll give them a honk for me bro!


  1. Actually, I'm kind of surprised that the Google-Plex hasn't shut down Joe's Sludge Report site yet, maybe they're biding their time because they don't want to tip their total censorship hand yet like they do in China.

    It's only a matter of time now, the NWO have been more brash in showing their hand in world affairs and the sheeple, even if they finally know what's going on, are afraid of doing anything about it and resigned themselves to it because they don't want to end up in some desert Halliburton "gulag" by opening their mouths.

  2. Hard to tell, might be that Joe is making a ripple instead of a wave. He gets between 1000 and 2000 views on many of his videos. Might depend on who is listening to him too. If Olbermann ever does a report on him it will probably be his dimise. The Cons probably have his attic scoped out allready.

    I've gotta admit, if I see an armour car with one of those flat panels on the top,I'll be disappearing in a hurry and all you'll hear from me is gas passing and feet flapping...G: