Friday, June 13, 2008

Presidential Prayer Team was promoted by Bu$hco

Well I've always thought that Source Watch contained reliable information, but being a Wiki based format is controlled by the editors. The Presidential Prayer Team was obviously not an urban legend,as they claim, but formed by the Bu$h administration. They then claim the the Presidential Prayer Team is not sponsored by the Office of President of the United States or the federal government, but is a private foundation whose promotion is being handled by The Envoy Group, a self-described "new kind of Christian advertising agency". Well, the problem with this is that The Envoy Group is involved with Bu$co, and the Christian ad agency just a convenient sideline. I won't bother to attempt an expanation for all of this, because it is a typical Neocon operation. If you follow the links I believe that you will agree that there was way more Bu$hite going on immediately after the WTC disaster than we'll ever know...G:

Presidential Prayer Team

From SourceWatch

The Presidential Prayer Team (PPT) describes itself as an "independent, nonprofit organization" with the "singular purpose ... to encourage Americans to pray daily for the President." Membership in the PPT is fee- and obligation-free.

In response to the Urban Legend that President George W. Bush was behind the formation of the Presidential Prayer Team , responded: "After the events of September 11, 2001 President Bush declared Friday, September 14, a National Day of Prayer and Remembrance, and he has been open in asking White House guests to join him in prayer. He has not, however,
called for the creation of a 'Presidential Prayer Team', but an organization with that title operates a web site which many of our readers were misled into believing had government endorsement and approval for a variety of reasons:

* "A title and logo designed to imitate the name and official seal of a government agency.
* "Messages inviting prospective members to join sent from 'The Office of the Presidential Prayer Team' with a subject line of 'The President of the United States needs you!'
* "The lack of any information on the site informing visitors that the organization is not sponsored or funded by the President or any agency of the federal government.

* "The Presidential Prayer Team is not sponsored by the Office of President of the United States or the federal government; it is a private foundation whose promotion is being handled by The Envoy Group, a self-described 'new kind of Christian advertising agency.'"

As of October 14, 2001, "the Presidential Prayer Team placed a disclaimer on its site stating that it 'is an independent, nonprofit, non-partisan effort designed to encourage a national outpouring of daily prayer for the President' and that it 'was not formed by an agency of the government, nor does it receive funding from the government."

David Bolthouse & the Presidential Prayer Team

David Bolthouse of The Envoy Group, who responded to the query about the Presidential Prayer Team, is President and Partner with Karl Schaller, Senior Vice President/Partner. Other Principals of the Envoy Group are Randy Cantrell, Vice President, Corporate Sponsorships & Capital Campaigns; Lisa Chastain, Vice President, Promotions and Publicity; Jeff Lane, Art Director; Meagan Gillan, Copy Editor and Manager; Deborah Coult,

"....David served as the Development Director of a major nonprofit Christian radio network and later took a position with a leading Christian agency in Seattle, where he managed fundraising and marketing for such national accounts as Focus on the Family, Tyndale House Publishing, World Concern, and David C. Cook Publishing. In 1993, he founded The Envoy Group, Inc. (previously named DirectMedia Communications)....

20 Years Serving Ministries and Publishers

The Envoy Group closed its doors to consulting and agency work in 2005, choosing instead to put our knowledge to work marketing our own projects to the Christian community under the banners of SurfVantage, EnvoyInteractive andPraise Store.
We consider it an honor and privilege to have served so many quality organizations and businesses throughout theyears.


David Bolthouse
Founder and CEO

I've gotta ask...does this look like a "new kind of Christian advertising agency"?


  1. ....are specialists in marketing analysis and business development, with sub-specialties in international civil and military aircraft upgrades, maintenance, repair, overhaul, air navigation, life cycle costing and competitive benchmarking, enterprise resource management, and market risk analysis; as well as in aviation, space and defense related technologies and programs, such as missile defense.

    Somehow, I don't think Jesus was involved with the M.I.C.

    These guys sound like consultants for the Pentagon's secret space program.

    Maybe they're praying for nuclear 'manna' from Heaven to rain down upon the infidels?

  2. Yup, not only that but the PPT part of it is a non profit organization...):

    Now, I'm the last person to listen to concerning religion, because I consider the the bible to be a book, but at the risk of being struck by lightning (or worse), I will quote Matthew: 12...

    And Jesus went into the temple of God, and cast out all them that sold and bought in the temple, and overthrew the tables of the moneychangers, and the seats of them that sold doves,

    13 And said unto them, It is written, My house shall be called the house of prayer; but ye have made it a den of thieves.


  3. ....zzzzZZZZ$* ~%&$$$~

    I just had a profound revelation Dad
    Maybe it wasn't Brooks that got your wallet. Coulda been David Bolthouse...G:

  4. Maybe it wasn't Brooks that got your wallet. Coulda been David Bolthouse...

    Hmmm, well it could've been the whole lot of the dirty bastiches that stole it and passed it around.

    I wonder how many of these government "non-profits" have piles of empty wallets behind their buildings?

  5. Well, it's a fine kettle of fish Dad.
    Anthony posted this on Suzie-Q about 151 congressmen that are investing in defence industries.