Wednesday, June 11, 2008

AIPAC liked Bill Clinton more than Poppy Bush

John Stewart @ Comedy Central

The day after Barack Obama declared victory in St. Paul, he was at a podium addressing the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, or AIPAC, which describes itself as "America's pro-Israel lobby."

And it wasn't just Obama. McCain did it. Hillary Clinton did it too. AIPAC is a notoriously influential lobby, with organizing skills that are the stuff of legend. Following the Obama address, The Daily Show satirized AIPAC's role in politics.

Well, nothing surprises me any more after seeing some of the history of AIPAC and some of the lobbying that has been going on for many years, especially in regards Bill Clinton and the role of lobbying and big money in his winning of the Presidency. This deep pocketed dude, Harry Katz, tape recorded a phone call to president of AIPAC, David Steiner, that revealed much damning evidence of what went on with lobbying and politics in DC. Not only that, but he gave the tape to The Washington Times, which made so many waves in the media that Steiner promptly resigned from, what was and still is, the most powerful lobby in Washington DC...G:


In 1992, Harry Katz phoned the President of AIPAC, David Steiner, to offer contributions. Steiner proceeded to make several claims, including negotiating with then-candidate Bill Clinton over who would be Secretary of State, and had already "cut a deal" with Baker for more aid to Israel. Unknown to Steiner, Katz taped the phone call and gave the recording to the media, worried that AIPAC's influence had grown to dangerous levels. Following the release of transcripts of the phone conversation, David Steiner was forced to resign the Presidency of AIPAC.


  1. Yep, ol' Slick Willy was an AIPAC fave, he shovelled alot of our hard-earned cash into the maw of the Zionist monster even though the economy was booming.

    Of course Bu$hco takes the King-pin prize of all AIPAC cronies, he shovelled literally billions of our hard earned, depreciated petro-dollars into 'The Beast' as Highwayman would say.

    I don't know if The Obamanator is a kinder, gentler tyrant, er...friend to AIPAC than McCrazy would be, but either way, AIPAC never loses.

    In the United Sheeple of 'Murrica anyways!

  2. Oh yeah, I forgot:


  3. I'm learning dad, U no how the truth is. It makes ya want to stick your head in the sand, which, here in Oregon, means a snoot full of mud...):