Thursday, June 05, 2008

John McSame: "That's not change we can believe in"

Wooah...what's going on here? I mean, like, is McSame being thrown under his own bus? Here's the mouthpiece of the corporate government, Fox News actually expressing their own opinions about this. Normally they would just change the video, or disappear it from the innertubes. Heaveeey...G?

McCain's Stump Speech for Obama

Barack Obama just made history by becoming our first African-American Presidential nominee. But Obama also accomplished something else last night, something completely unintentional that Democrats haven’t done successfully in a long, long time. He compelled his Republican opponent to use his frame for a change—literally.

By all accounts, there was nothing unexpected about last night’s speeches from the three Presidential hopefuls. McCain’s speech was unconvincing and wholly uninspired. Clinton refused to acknowledge Obama’s victory and continued to talk about herself, even when pretending to talk about others: “While I traveled our country talking about how I wanted to help you, time and again, you reached out to help me, to grab my hand or grip my arm, to look into my eyes and tell me, don't quit, keep fighting, stay in this race for us.” And Obama was his usual poised, eloquent self as he graciously celebrated Clinton, jabbed at McCain, and fired up the crowd once again by talking about “our time to offer a new direction for the country we love.”

With the exception of the press being much more critical of McCain than usual, these speeches appeared to be merely the next step in a seemingly endless 17-month primary marathon. And yet McCain played right into Obama’s hands by devoting his entire speech to countering Obama’s message of “change” with his own message of, well, “change.”

McCain appeared in front of a green board with the message “A Leader We Can Believe In” scrawled across it, which blogger Attaturk quipped made him look "like the cottage cheese in a lime jello salad." This was an obvious ploy by McCain to repackage Obama’s “Change We Can Believe In,” coupled with the slightly subtler green, a symbol of rebirth and renewal. Within the first couple of minutes, McCain began talking about change, which, as Tim Russert later noted on MSNBC, was a word he reiterated 32 times (33 if you count “climate change”).



  1. I dunno, if we go on the assumption the (s)election is legit, you would think that the Cast Iron Pantsuit and McShame are trying to give it away by being complete arseholes.

    But that's just me.

  2. "if we go on the assumption the (s)election is legit"

    Well, we could assume that, but who really knows when the whole NWO situation is going at warp speed. Buddy Holly said it all with the roller coaster song and we're just starting down the first hill. Does kinda look like Obama will be (s)elected though.
    With any luck Pigpants will take an extended vacation to a fat farm...G: