Thursday, June 26, 2008

Bu$h's Legacy to be Honored in San Francisco

While some of my more profound thoughts seem to occur while sitting on the throne, I find myself thinking of Bu$h's legacy this morning. The folks in San Francisco have proposed that the city rename their state of the art sewage treatment plant and the news has reached even the NY Times. This is getting a lot of support by most San Franciscans, but the folks who work at the plant don't like the idea too much. Their opinion is that it would be an insult to have his name on a facility of this quality.

Hmm, I think that I can see what they're talking about. We have a series of small treatment ponds here in our small Oregon community where the waste water mellows before percolating into the Willamette River and there are times in the summer when they are quite aromatic, but I would still consider it a personal affront to have George Duhhbya Bu$h's name posted anywhere in our town...G:

Satire at the ballot box to 'honor' Bush

Marisa Lagos, Chronicle Staff Writer

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

If you've attended an event or festival in San Francisco lately - or even just hung out at a city park - you've probably seen them.

Admittedly, they're hard to miss. Someone in the group is usually toting a large American flag, and another is often carrying a boom box blaring patriotic music. Sometimes one of them dresses up as Uncle Sam.

They're the Presidential Memorial Commission of San Francisco, but don't let the serious name fool you. The group's intentions are in the gutter: They want to rename the Oceanside Water Pollution Control Plant the George W. Bush Sewage Plant come January, when the next president is sworn in.

During the inauguration, the group also wants supporters to participate in a "synchronized flush"- a way to send a gift to the renamed plant, which supporters say, would be a "fitting monument to this president's work."


  1. "You can't shit an old turd twice"

    You have to hand it to Bu$hco though, they got a lot of milage out of the constant recycling of their collective "compost".

    I kind of hate to use the word compost however, since it's very beneficial to growing things.

    Bu$hco's compost is like the depleted uranium bombs they've been dropping for the past seven years, toxic and deadly for years to come.

  2. Yep, Karl Rove is probably saving his Bu$hite to sell to the religious right, along with his book that Karen Hughes wrote, and those bronze statues of him in his flight suit...G:

  3. I'd love to have Duh-h-h-bya's face on my asswipe! Maybe the 'honor' bestowed the presidork isn't the honor that you all think? Maybe there's someone with a sense of humor, down there!

    Go ahead... name the shit pond after Dorkbya! It's a fitting reward for one that's so full of the product!