Monday, May 19, 2008

Would a Write In be Right On?

G: sez...

Just saying, because i can, and because this is a critical time in history, that before we elect a new president we should all communicate with each other in our individual communities. A grass root viewpoint of the candidates might give us a better viewpoint of who we should elect to represent us on a National level. There are still Ron Paul signs in some folks yards and farms here in Oregon. I would like to see some for Dennis Kucinich also, but the MSM and political pressure from the Corporate Government has convinced the sheeple that he is irrelevant. Peace has become a concept that cannot be used as a platform for the leader of our once great country, but the estranged wife of an ex-president who proclaims that she is a qualified "Commander in Chief" has been accepted by many as a viable candidate.

I guess that what I would really like to see is the main stream media talking about our alternatives and making special mention of the Write-In Vote.


  1. A Write In would be 'Right On' in the rational world Geez, but we live in Bu$hco Dystopian Dispensionalist End Times.

    The sheeple have already been herded into the pens G:!

  2. I can dream can't I? G:...zzzZZZsigh