Thursday, May 29, 2008

What Happened: Truth To Power

The truth is quiet, eternal and unchanging. Scott McClellan has spoken the truth, and documented it in writing, so it doesn't really matter how much noise and disharmony we hear from these desparate cronies who are worried only about their own a$$. We will hear whining, moaning, and the gnashing of teeth, accompanied by the cacophony of the main stream media while the truth lives, silently, in the hearts of "We The People".

The porkrinds are on the fire folks, and are liberally sprinkled with scandle sauce...G:


  1. Kudos to Scott, spoken like a real reporter. I thought for a while that he wouldn't mention Chainy, but he didn't disappoint.

    I really doubt that Scott will be travelling to Paraguay or Dubai to talk about old times with Duhhbya.
    Dumbness is no excuse when it comes to the predetermined "War President" role and the subsequent unparalleled damage to planet Earth and her inhabitants.

  2. Much wisdom Geez, but the horse has long left the barn as they say.

    The U.S. of A. as a Republic no longer exists.

  3. Thanks Dad, I've been told before that I'm as sharp as the edge of town. I know what ya mean about the horse, The cows are gone too, but
    I'll probably hang out till the cows come home and the chickens come home to roost...G: