Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The $ad Awakening ot the American People

Well folks as I begin to think seriously about who I would vote for I find that the remaining candidates are pretty much on the same trip as the existing Corporate Government that was installed by the Neocons at the turn of this New American Century. Obama, when he made his speech in 2004 impressed me with his rhetoric, but since then has became a politician that is in the middle of the well established game of of World control through US hegemony in the middle East.

The two viable candidates who I would vote for have been decimated and are supposedly irrelevant according to the Corporate Media, so here I am in Oregon casting my vote for Obama in the primaries, but I believe that on election day I will be doing a write in vote (write in is right-on) for Ron Paul. And that's only because our best hope for peace, Dennis Kucinich, has became almost invisible on the political spectrum...G:

Obama & The CFR

by chet | August 14, 2007

The 2004 Democratic National Convention may be remembered most for
a young and energetic senator that immediately drew comparison to the
Kennedys. Obama's speech launched his name and image into the public spotlight, and his
fresh style of rhetoric filled a growing anti-war political void –
He voted against the Iraq war and wasn't afraid to criticize it's
handling. Excitement and support for the senator eventually
snowballed into his current presidential campaign. He enjoys a
popular image as a liberal democrat, and his harsh criticism of the
Iraq war has earned him support from a population united in it's
discontent with the current government. To a select crowd of
Americans, Obama preaches against the handling of the Iraq war. To
other more private groups, Obama advocates military strikes on new
middle eastern countries. Obama has aligned himself with several
lobbying firms and nongovernmental organizations who seek further US
militarization of the world. In several speeches and essays, Obama
makes his foreign policy goals clear – and he is not anti-war. Is
Obama intentionally sending a deceptive message to his constituency?

In a recent speech given to the American Israeli Political Action Committee (AIPAC), Obama outlines a plan for U.S. hegemony. He suggests polarizing political
alignments that are already breeding anti-U.S. sentiment.
Specifically, Obama pledges unfaltering military support to Israel.
The U.S. has long supported Israel – this year they were given $30
billion for defense of the young state. To put this in perspective,
less than $7 billion has been federally granted to rebuild homes
destroyed after hurricane Katrina. Although the U.S. has always
given billions in aid to Israel, his alliance backs preemptive
strikes against countries deemed a threat. Israel is unpopular in
the region, and is threatened by Iran's desire for modern nuclear
energy in the future. Regarding Iran's nuclear program, Obama states
“We should take no option, including military action, off the
table”. The US has already constructed massive permanent military
bases in Iraq and Afghanistan to serve as hubs for such an operation.
The fleet of aircraft carriers in the Persian Gulf continues to
grow, while politicians and media simultaneously hype a nonexistent
enemy. This reckless policy leaves the U.S. on the brink of full
scale war at all times.


  1. If Obama is selected, expect the same saber rattling for a while. It's a known fact the U.S. provided Israel with nukes, so all the other ME kiddies want 'em too.

    Amandinnerjacket is a whacko, but like a fox. Him and Bu$hco could belong to the same Illumunati club and historically the NWO provides arms and money to both sides.

    That way they hedge their bets and rarely ever lose.

    Only the sheeple lose-out.

  2. ): Baa'a'a'aaahH......zzzzzZZZZZZ$$$