Saturday, May 10, 2008

The ever changing Straight Talk McSame

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There is no issue more serious then the continued militarization of our country and our culture. We have seen this and exposed this from Uncovered to Iraq for Sale to Fox Attacks Iran.

But right now, we want to call attention to someone who not only embraces the song of war, he literally sings it!

The mainstream press is absorbed in the presidential race—the latest poll numbers, the in-fighting between Obama and Clinton—while we seek to expose the true story humming just beneath the surface (yes, this calls for some major puns in a matter very serious... sometimes satire can be the most effective way to reach people).


  1. The old-line GOPers cringe when ever McInsane sings his 'Bomb Iran' montage, but hey, the NWO neocons orgasm over every last word of it!

    That's what you get when you bed down with evil, she's a harsh wife who takes 'until death do we part' very seriously!

  2. My take is that old Straight Talk was tortured so much that he's instutionalised. He just can't get enough of that Neoconservative love...Heehehehehe