Saturday, May 31, 2008

Alien seen looking through window

This picture was just released from an anonymous source, video will be released as soon as it's ok'd by Project Bluebook. A peeking tom from an unreleased location has discovered an alien living in an old farm house where he was posing as a traveling salesman when he felt thought waves and was experiencing moments of profound reality. Then he was quickly teleported to the back streets of Sacramento, where Luckily he was still clutching his cell phone while returning to his normal state. He tried to show his picture to the street folks there, but naturally they were laughing their ass off and then became irritated as he told the part about being a traveling salesman. Here, have a little of this, and you'll feel better brother, said the old derelict as he handed him a bottle of mad Dog, so the now despondent peeping tom had a couple of sips. Well, it was only a few moments untill the NWO moved in on the area and spotted him, and if he hadn't had that MD 20 20 sugar rush he would have never got away. He is in an undisclosed location at present but promises to make the video available as soon as humanly possible, and it will be sold for a reasonable price condidering the ordeals he has been through so far. Fox News has the scoop on this and will soon be doing an interview.


  1. until the NWO moved in on the area and spotted him...

    I think the idea of alien peeping toms is hilarious, but of course maybe that's what the aliens would like us to think perhaps?

    "We want you to believe in us, but not too much."

    I've heard and read that on many UFO sites.

    As for being insurance salesmen, that would explain alot! LOL!

  2. "We want you to believe in us, but not too much."

    I guess when you really think about it, a superior intelligence wouldn't bother to peek through a window, but would be capable of observations that are inconceivable from our comparatively simple reality. RE: "An ant on a flat piece of paper". oH well...I guess ya gotta C2B and ya gotta B2C...G: