Monday, April 21, 2008

What is this world coming to...

My daughter who lives in Portland has a profound revelation every now and then. I was surprised to find this video that she did on Youtube. They are easy to do she tells me and when she fills me in on the details I guess I might try one.

Here's another of her videos called...

The Auto-dialer

At my job we use an automatic dialing machine. It's like the Borg: Resistance is futile. I often feel like I am just a part of the system. Here's a bit about it.

Hmm, I wonder if I should get one of these and use it to promote peace, justice and the American way? Or maybe just for contacting my representatives in government? nNah forgeddaboudit, I wouldn't last for more than a minute...G:

Broadcast By Phone Autodialer

Comparable auto dialers cost thousands of dollars! There’s simply no other system out there that offers what Voicent Autodialer does for such an affordable price. Standard Edition $299

Or you can get the top of the line autodialer for $1000. Smart autodialers can automatically dial a list of phone numbers, play a pre-recorded message combined with text-to-speech messages. It can also interact with recipients by pressing a key pad, let recipients to confirm the call, to leave voice messages, and most importantly, to connect the receipients to you live when they request by pressing a key.

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