Wednesday, April 30, 2008

PBS serves up 10 hours of old fashioned propaganda

Heating Things Up in the Persian Gulf

Come on in folks the waters fine. There's a really good special on PBS this week about the Aircraft Carrier Nimitz. It's a ten hour special and plays every night for two hours, so don't worry about your regular programs, you get to see some good old fashioned propoganda just like WW2 when they had Donald Duck in an army uniform to show that it was the American way to go to war. We have two carriers in the Persian Gulf, with Lord knows how many nuclear submarines, so what an oppertune moment to take up time on PBS to show that there is plenty of apple pie being served to our young folks in the US Navy. Why, it's almost like Disneyland being on a carrier and contributing to George Duhbaya Bu$h's war for oil. Never mind what havok is being reeked on the Iraqi people or the repurcussions from using DU warheads it's time to sign up and go to war with Iran. As an added bonus you will learn about direct energy weapons which will soon be the American weapon of choice for the war on terror.


  1. Directed energy weapons are a fact today G:, that's fer sure.

    For effective crowd control, Skeletor can hardly wait to have his jackboots microwave a crowd of protesters.

    Cooked agitators ala carte!

  2. I am so glad that someone blogged on this- it has been driving me nuts- that Carrier special was on PBS ALL week...

  3. Yep Dad, if I knew even the half of it I would be burying a bus in Montana.

    Thanks Enigma, I thought I was the only one desparate enough for antinews, to watch this devious attempt to recruit our young folks for the loong War...G: