Saturday, January 19, 2008

We Are Change NYC Confronts Norman Podhoretz

‘Bomb Iran’ Podhoretz: War Would ‘Unleash A Wave’ Of Global Anti-Americanism

Think Progress 6/20/2007

The current issue of Commentary magazine — “widely regarded as the leading outlet for neoconservative writing” — features a controversial cover story by Norman Podhoretz titled “The Case For Bombing Iran.”

Podhoretz’s article appeals to President Bush, “a man who knows evil when he sees it” and who has been “battered more mercilessly and with less justification than any other in living memory,” to carry out military strikes on Iran’s nuclear facilities. U.S. diplomats are now pointing to the essay to pressure foreign diplomats to increase pressure on Iran.

In a new interview, Podhoretz was asked to comment on the possible fallout of the military strikes he advocates. “Well, if we were to bomb the Iranians as I hope and pray we will,” Podhoretz says, “we’ll unleash a wave of anti-Americanism all over the world that will make the anti-Americanism we’ve experienced so far look like a lovefest.”



  1. "War is peace." Right out of the neocon operator's manual.

    Just as sensible is, “a man who knows evil when he sees it.”

    My God! Apparently Bush has never looked into a mirror.

    One more year, fellow Geezer.

    I'd like to humbly invite you to celebrate this reverse anniversary, (or would that be "reversary"?) and come listen to my song dedicated to our Biggest Brother. I'm afraid I'm not tech savvy enough for this to be a video.

    Biggest Brother

  2. Pudhertz is another one of those "My God is bigger than your God" folks that history conveniently forgets at times.

    Folks like Pope Urban II, Hitler, King Philip II, etc.

    Oh yeah, and Bu$hco.

  3. Thanks for the comment Dave. Thats some rite fine tunes. Sounds a lot like the porch music that comes from across the street. Sometimes I sit in
    when the weathers good. I can't get my nieghbors to play any political stuff though. I made up a tune about the bug in Duhbba's ear, but Banjo Bill winced when I called Bu$h a Neo Conservative clown.

    Dad...You know how those Neo Illuminate evil doers are. They think that Godzilla is as good as it gets.