Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Sean Hannity Flees From Ron Paul Supporters


We watch Fox News so you wont have to

Reported by Ellen - January 7, 2008

A group of Ron Paul supporters gave Sean Hannity a piece of their minds about FOX News' exclusion of Paul from its forum. Just as I've always suspected he would, bullyboy Sean Hannity turned chicken and fled. By the way, anybody know who the blonde was? His wife? Girlfriend? Whoever it was, he seemed more interested in fleeing than in making sure she was OK. Oh, and FOX News sucks! Video after the jump.


  1. very funny..
    related to this video:

    perhaps we can have ACTUALT FACTUAL news again someday?

    red e 4 sc?

  2. Sean Panicky is your typical chickenhawk, chicken with two yellow stripes running down the back.

    He's just a well paid mouth piece, he ain't squat, just expensive comedy relief.

    Oh yeah, Fux Noise is also.