Friday, January 25, 2008

Poor folks don't run for Pre$ident

The Nation -- Dennis Kucinich is dropping out of the presidential campaign, telling
Cleveland's Plain Dealer he will formalize his announcement on Friday. It is far earlier than Kucinich dropped out in 2004.

The Ohio Congressman's long shot campaign faced a particularly hard slog this cycle: He had anemic fundraising, scant grassroots support and an uphill battle with the mainstream media, which rarely covered his campaign and recently shut him out of televised debates. Soon he will receive a ritualistic, farewell media dis... the tasteless "Red X" that Time Magazine slashes across the face of every would-be president who drops out of the race:


  1. Idiots. "Obama all the way!"

    They just see whose winning, and they go with them. The last election I bothered with, some of my friends voted for the female candidate... "Cause she's got nice legs!"

    I'm glad my hopes aren't in humanity's efforts to save itself!

    It really IS a moronic world.

  2. Well, count me as a moron because I'm one of those trying to save mankind from itself.

    Call it a hangover from my Marine Corps days, I'm not willing to give in.

    That doesn't mean I'm falling for this NWO fake "election" crap. I learned my lesson in 2006. Usually it takes me once, okay twice sometimes, to learn.

    Us jarheads, past and present, have been taught to take the fight to the enemy, no matter who or what they try to hide behind.

  3. Like you said Highway. "Theres one (sucker) born every minute. Be sure to show this picture to your friends...G:

  4. Dad, you're more on than off and I know that you're not impressed by Hillary's legs. I'm with you cause I don't want to be against you...NWO here we come!...G:

  5. I'll just class you as an 'enlightened' moron, marine! LOL! At least you KNOW there's a problem, whereas most won't accept that society is run by elitists.

    I get flack from both camps, even in the 'fundie' circles, so I'm used to flying solo. I'm (we) a minority in anything, but that's life. You know... the few, the proud, the chumps... that's what foil guys are... everyone's whipping posts!