Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Bu$hspeak for the 20% who might believe it

Bush arrives in Israel 'optimistic' about peace

Despite low expectations for trip, president seeks momentum for talks


President Bu$h in his own words

TEL AVIV, Israel - President Bush, seeking to pull Israel and the Palestinians toward serious negotiations, said Wednesday he has high hopes that a Mideast peace pact can be achieved before he leaves office next year, despite ongoing land squabbles and continuing violence.

"I come as an optimistic person and a realistic person — realistic in my understanding that it's vital for the world to fight terrorists, to confront those who would murder the innocent to achieve political objectives," Bush said as he began his first presidential visit to Israel.

The Commander in Chief, Educator, and Decider simplifies the complex and seemingly impossible problems that are faced today. He sure knows how to make the 20%'ers feel better about the world situation...G:



  1. Somebody buy that asshole a bag of pretzels, will ya?

    Save on a good bullet!

  2. Not on my dime Highwayman. Let him eat yellow cake...G: