Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Large 911 Rat Exposed in Florida

Giuliani's worst nightmare


January 28, 2008 11:44 PM

Jim Riches, Sally Regenhard, and Rosaleen Tallon are the last people Rudy Giuliani wants in Florida as he launches a last-ditch effort to save his presidential bid, and his slowly waning image as the hero of 9/11. If he doesn't gain some traction in the Sunshine State, his bid for the White House is over. And critics like these are threatening his already slim chances with their assertion that it's Rudy whose campaign is actually based on a fairy tale.

Riches, Regenhard, and Tallon are survivors of true 9/11 heroes - ordinary New Yorkers whose loved ones were members of the New York City Fire Department. Their relatives rushed to the attack site and plunged into the buildings without any thought of their own safety. Along with hundreds of other firefighters, they were likely trapped and killed in the buildings' collapse - something the survivors say didn't need to happen. For these three, "America's mayor" is a fraud, responsible in large part for the deaths of the heroes whose courage he now exploits.


  1. AAAAAGH! It's Busboy!

    Oh... had me going for a minute there! Whew! The resemblance is remarkable!

    Yeah, anyone that goes around leeching off of the dead is the sorriest excuse for a sorry excuse for anything, in my book. That cross-dressing maggot and his idiot-in-chief bum-boy Bu$h have enough guilt between them to stoke the fires of hell for eternity!

    Well, the truth always comes out, and it will where 911 is concerned. There's enough out already that even the most deluded have to admit the case isn't as cut and dried as they wish it were. People like Morton Devonshire, NWO ass-kisser/shill extraordinaire. He disappeared from Wickedpedia not long after his mangy ass was exposed for his tampering with 911 articles.

    Pathetic bunch, the 'rat pack'!

  2. Busboy?...LOLROTF* Maybe we should give him a tip, like a uranium tip on a cattle prod. Heh heh

    I'm getting a real education here on the innertubes. I've always thought that still waters ran deep, but the idiological idiots are proving me wrong. The waters are now polluted and there are layers of flailing evil doers that go clear to the bottom.

    The truth is always here, but sometimes difficult to see with so much disharmony and deciet going on. Glad to hear that Snorton Morton has been 86ed from wiki. wonder how many of his ilk are still hangin there?

  3. Here's his 'farewell' croakings to his minions...


    I think his bitch, "Mobile 01", and cretin friends "MONGO", and "Jungle Cat" and "Big Daddy" are still there, trying to cover up 911 truth. They used to haunt my old site for a while, in a pathetic attempt to intimidate me. The "Grand Poohbah of All Fat-Asses" may still be lurking in the background, who knows, sweating profusely while maniacally deleting TRUTHFUL 911 posts. Bu$hco-sponsored rhetoric always gets through, though.

    But his fat ass definitely got a smacking when Alex Jones and others like myself exposed his little vendetta.

    Just more proof of the NWO's extensive control of ALL forms of media DIS-information!

  4. Profound revelation number 5749...
    Wikipedia politics. Looks like it would take some time keep the truth in place. I've sometimes wondered how entire wiki sites had disappeared, or how irrevelent information was inserted in the middle of an artical.
    If these losers are geting paid for this, or have lobbies, I'm gonna be pissed...G:

  5. The defunct Roo-dee is throwing what little weight he has left behind Come-back-kid McCave, current NWO neoconmunist fave.

    The Banksters are getting their "opponents" lined up and backed now. The sheeple are "Obaaama-ing" and other noises for another round of distraction from the real enemy.

    Nice likeness of Roo-dee, but no self-respecting rat would be caught dead feeding out of the same garbage can with him! 8-)