Saturday, January 05, 2008

Bill Moyers: On the Iowa caucus

Interview with Kathleen Hall Jamieson

Bill Moyers

All of a sudden, the political landscape has changed. As only an Iowa farmer would understand, the plow has broken new ground. But in presidential politics a reality check is always in order. Keep in mind that only twice since 1972 have winners of contested Iowa caucuses gone on to win the White House. The total turnout for the caucuses in Iowa was less than 350,000 people in a state of three million. Rarely are so few heard so loudly by so many through the megaphone of the media.

For some analysis, we'll talk to two men who've been running for president and have nothing to lose by speaking their mind and from one of the country's foremost analysts of the co-dependency that exists between the press and the politicians.

Kucinich: I think this is going to be a serious test of the Democratic Party. We were put in power because people expected a new direction in Iraq. It goes without saying that they expect greater transparency and oversight, but they also expect us to do something to bring the troops home. Now, if Congress goes ahead under Democratic leadership and votes to approve what some are now estimating as an additional $160 billion for the war in Iraq, bringing the total for the fiscal year to $230 billion, the Democratic Congress will have bought George Bush�s war. Now, who would buy a used war from this administration?

Bill Moyers talks with Congressman Dennis Kucinich

BILL MOYERS: Earlier in the broadcast you heard Kathleen Hall Jamieson say the country loses when contrarian voices are excluded from the political debate. Well, if you were watching the presidential debate in Iowa before Christmas, you would be forgiven for thinking that one of the most persistent and prophetic insurgent voices among the Democrats had dropped out of the race.

Ron Paul: "Article 1, Section 8 gives me zero amount of authority to do anything about public education," says Paul on a recent weekday. He's seated in his congressional office near a sign than says, "DON'T STEAL; THE GOVERNMENT HATES COMPETITION . "

Bill Moyers talks with Ron Paul

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