Tuesday, November 27, 2007

U.S. Illegally Minting AMERO COINS for NAU?

U.S. Illegally Minting AMERO COINS for NAU that doesn't exist...yet. 2007 date on them!

portland.indymedia.org ~click pic to enlarge~

First, just pictures. Now, a freaking Amero coin has been obtained. Holy sh*t! Amero coin with 2007 date obtained. Made at the Denver mint. The Denver mint is treasonous--it is plotting the destruction of the USA. See pictures. See video. Amero coins with 2007 date virtually predict dissolution of the U.S.A. this year and morphing into the NAU. Likely introduced by force after an artificial stock market crash. See associated leaked story from the Denver mint below, associated with these Amero coins they are making. --- Amero coins--made illegally in U.S. public mint for a country that doesn't exist, the NAU, that no legislatures in North America have authorized its creation. --- The story is that they are expecting an artificial stock market crash in the USA and intentional bankrupting of the country by internationalists behind Bush to FORCE Amero use. --- Did the Ohio Republican Congressman Gillmor get killed recently on the Amero altar? When he threatened to blow the whistle on mass stock market speculation for this Amero introduction crash of the U.S. economy? He was on the Finance Committee and was investigating a 'put options fortune' of billions by some people that was risked (similar to the money made on 9-11 put options) on a massive downturn in the U.S. stock market. Was Congressman Gillmor about to mess up the financial wealth to be generated in the wake of the Amero introduction? So they killed him? Both stories below.

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